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Credits and Special Thanks to the Following:


  • Mr. Mirakichi the original creator of the LaunchELF project, with special gratitude for the fact that he released its source code in retiring from the project.
  • 'E P' Who revived the project after Mr. Mirakichi retired from it, and thus kept it alive, adding new features and maintaining the project in general, at first alone but later joined by:
  • dlanor who has also made various additions, fixes, and other work on the project.
  • Polo35 for his work on JPG skinning/viewer, HddManager, TextEditor, etc
  • radad for enhancing the usbhdfsd driver and some other assistance
  • Drakonite for his help and advice on how to improve the ELF loader
  • sincro for his USBD.IRX selector code
  • kthu for the key swapping source changes, which allow the user to swap x and circle buttons.
  • Slam-Tilt for the NETWORK SETTINGS option source changes.
  • sincro for the source changes that allow for the selection of external USBD.IRX files.
  • chip for ps2ftpd, of which a few modifications were made to.
  • pixel for ps2-packer that made the small BOOTc.ELF binary.
  • Hermes for the early reset IOP source (BOOT.c cogswaploader).
  • mrbrown for the independence exploit.
  • The ps2dev community for the tools and assistance.
  • all those who like LaunchELF.


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