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uLaunchELF Wiki


About uLaunchELF

uLaunchELF also known as uLE (abbreviated) is an open source file manager and executable launcher for the Playstation 2 console based off of the original LaunchELF. It contains many different features, including a text editor, hard drive manager, as well as network support, and much more.


*** Please visit the official uLaunchELF forums at http://psx-scene.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=113 for anything not answered here, since this is a work in progress and may not get done anytime soon. ***


About uLaunchELF Wiki

This wiki was created to simplify the process of creating an online document for uLaunchELF.



  • uLaunchELF Introduction
    • Complete List of Features
    • uLaunchELF Download and Contents
    • Supported File System Detail and Limitations
    • First time using uLaunchELF
    • Main Screen
    • Basic Operations (Accessing FileBrowser or Configuration Screen)
  • File Browser
    • Device List (MC/HDD/CDFS/MASS/HOST)
    • MISC Devices and Sub-Programs Intro
    • R1 Menu
      • Copy/Cut/Paste/Rename/Delete
      • mcPaste/psuPaste (Game Save Management)
      • New Dir (Virtual Keyboard Introduction)
      • New Icon
      • Mount VMC (Virtual Memory Card - Beta)
      • Get Size
    • L1 Mode (File Sorting)
    • PathPad
  • Configure uLaunchELF
    • Screen Settings
      • Skin Settings
    • Startup Settings
    • Network Settings
  • Networking
  • MISC Devices and Sub-Programs
    • PS2Browser
    • PS2Disc
    • PS2Net
    • PS2PowerOff
    • HddManager (Hard Drive Manager)
    • TextEditor
    • JpgViewer
    • Configure
    • Load CNF--, CNF++
    • Set CNF_Path/Load CNF (uLE Configuration File)
    • Show Font
    • Debut Info
    • About uLE
  • Configuration Files
    • uLaunchELF Settings File (LAUNCHELF.CNF)
    • Profiles (Additional LAUNCHELF.CNF Files)
    • Skin Configuation File
    • Network Information (IPCONFIG.DAT)
  • External File Support
    • Additional Fonts (FONT_FILE)
    • Multi-Languages (LANG_FILE)
    • USB Keyboard (KBDMAP_FILE)
    • Alternative USB Driver (USBMASS_FILE)
  • Tutorials
    • Upgrading to New uLE from Older Version
    • Creating uLE CD/DVD
    • Creating uLE Skins (Background and GUI versions)
    • Creating Custom uLE Fonts
    • Creating PS2 Browser Folder Icons
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Changelog
  • Acknowledgements


Be sure to visit the talk page to voice your opinion on these docs.


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