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MISC Devices and Sub-Programs

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The MISC:/ Psuedo-Device

FileBrowser-This is the filemanager built into uLaunchELF that contains many useful features.(Only available when configuring buttons)

PS2Browser-Launching this will load the PS2's browser.

PS2Disc -This will load the PS2 Disc currently in the PS2's CD/DVD drive.

PS2Net -Loads network drivers: ps2netfs and ps2ftpd(FTP Server).

PS2PowerOff -Powers off the PS2 Console.

HddManager -Used to manage an internal hard disk drive, connected via the network adapter, or HDCombo on the Slim PS2's.

TextEditor-A text editor with onscreen keyboard and more?

JpgViewer -This subprogram allows you to view jpg image files, in either a slideshow or one at a time. It can read jpg images from all devices supported by the FileBrowser in uLE, and as such can view most jpg images stored on a digital camera, since many function as mass storage devices.

Configure -Loads the configuration menu.(See < >)

Load CNF-- -Loads the previous configuration file, when using multiple configuration files.

Load CNF++ -Loads the next configuration file, when using multiple configuration files.

Set CNF_PATH -Sets the CNF Path..no idea

Load CNF -Loads the CNF file from the default path, else from CNF_PATH?

ShowFont -Shows the all character of the font currently in use, useful for creators of new font files.

Debug Info -Shows some basic debug info detailing where it was launched from and command line arguments.

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