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Setting up the network

This will help you set up your networking options so that you can connect to your PS2 over the network though FTP.

To begin we need to configure the network so that the PS2 and PC can connect. There are basically 2 kinds of networking you may have. PS2<->Router<->PC or PS2<->PC. This guide will explain both.

If Using A Router

If you are using a router, press click on start, then run, then type in cmd.

You will now see a command prompt(its a black box) in front of you. Type in "ipconfig/all" without the quotes, and you should get something that looks like this:

You will need to know the Subnet Mask, and the Default Gateway, and IP Address for the next step.

Ok now load up uLaunchELF, and enter the configuration menu. Then down to network settings, and enter the appropriate values for each of these entries. Make the first 3 numbers in each set the same as the first 3 number in your computer IP Address, the 4th number needs to be different from all the other PC's on the network. It can't be the same as the gateway either. So in my case im going to use "", and this will be the IP Address of my PS2.

For the other 2 sets of number in the network settings tab, copy them exactly as shown on your computer, so my gateway will be "" and my netmask is ""

Make sure to click save settings to "mc0:/SYS-CONF/IPCONFIG.DAT"


If using a crossover cable

If you do not have a router, or would prefer to directly connect your ps2 to your computer, you will need a crossover cable to connect your ps2 to your computer. Take care to note that this is not the same as your standard network cable, and a standard network cable will not work for this.

Begin by opening up the Control Panel, then click on Network Connections. Then right click on your network, and click properties.

Scroll down to TCP/IP Settings, select it, and click properties.

Click on the bubble that says "Use the following IP address:" then enter the following in the boxes.

IP address:

Subnet mask:

Default gateway: leave this blank

Click ok and save all the settings.


Connecting to the server

First you will need to start the server from uLaunchELF. Either use a button that you assigned to PS2Net or navigate to MISC:/PS2Net and press O.

It will display some text at the top about loading modules, and will finish by displaying the IP settings.(If the values are not correct, reboot and try again)

Once all the information at the top of the screen is correct, go back to your computer, and open "My Computer", in the address bar type in ftp://your.PS2.IP/ and press enter. So for me I am typing "" and pressing enter. You will now see 4 folders; "hdd", "mc", "mass", and "pfs". Ignore pfs, as it gets used automatically when you browse hdd. From here mc contains possibly 2 folders, "0" and "1" representing the 2 memory cards you can have attached.

From here you can copy files to your ps2 just like you move them around on your computer.


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