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uLaunchELF Introduction

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uLaunchELF Downloads and Contents


The latest version of uLaunchELF (uLE) can be downloaded from psx-scene.com here.


The Main Screen


LaunchELF's main screen is in essence a button handler. Designed for launching programs quickly, LaunchELF responds to a key press on the Playstation 2 controller by executing the corresponding program linked to that button.

All buttons, minus the D-PAD and Select launch the specified program or function when pressed.

If you are running LaunchELF for the first time, there will be no entries set up on the main screen. To add an entry, use the settings page to map a program or action to a button. To enter the settings screen, press Select at the main menu.


Complete List of Features


  • ELF Launcher
  • File & Game Save Management
  • Networking Support
  • Multi-Language Support
  • JPG Viewer
  • Text Editor
  • Background and Interface Customization
  • Virtual Memory Card


Supported File System Detail


Memory Card

  • Playstation File System (PFS) filesystem.

Hard Drive

  • Playstation File System (PFS) filesystem sitting on APA partition.


  • ISO 9660 Level 1 (relaxed)
  • ISO 9660 Level 2 (relaxed)
  • Joliet
  • UDF

USB Mass Storage Device

  • FAT12 Read/Write with long filename support
  • FAT16 Read/Write with long filename support
  • FAT32 Read/Write with long filename support
  • NOTE: Only the first readable partition is used.


  • Standard read only host support for volumes specified in host:/elflist.txt
  • NOTE: You do not have to boot from host in order to access files on host:/. Use ps2client -h <ps2_ip_address> listen


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